Also referred to as tooth reshaping, cosmetic contouring is one of the more affordable and creative cosmetic procedures you can have done to improve your smile. Dr. Moon is able to use this fine procedure to correct flaws like small chips, edges that are uneven and teeth that are misshaped. To hear more about the cosmetic treatments we can offer, give us a call. Precision Dental Partners, Palatine, Illinois are happy to help you achieve your dental goals.

The procedure for cosmetic contouring of teeth will make the teeth shape, as well as your smile, look better. It consists of our dentist taking off small pieces of the protective layer called the enamel. With care, the enamel shape is changed and small more cosmetic flaws can be corrected. Sometimes a person may need a combination of procedures for best results. For example, having contouring as well as dental bonding. Our dental team can often complete contouring with only one meeting so look forward to real results with just one visit!

There are a variety of reasons a person might have some tooth contouring suggested to them. As it can change teeth shape, size, surface, and length some of those reasons include;

  • Some teeth are overlapping

  • Some teeth may be shaped irregularly

  • A tooth may be cracked or chipped slightly

  • A tooth may be longer than the others, or larger so it stands out

  • One or more may be more pointed than others

  • The surface may have some imperfections like bumps or dips

When a patient needs to make smaller dental changes to get the look they want, tooth contouring makes sense. If you want to learn more about this procedure, visit us or give us a call and we will be happy to chat with you. We can work with you to reach your smile goal!