When someone has missing teeth dental bridges are used to substitute them, and it is not removable. Usually, Dr. Moon, our dentist here in Palatine, Illinois will suggest this for when there are several teeth in line missing. If you need an appointment to talk about having a bridge done, phone Precision Dental Partners today. We are happy to hear from you and to help you achieve your dental goals!

Sometimes a dental bridge may be suggested for one missing tooth but it is more likely for several. A bridge can bring back your perfect smile. It is not something you take out, it is customized to your mouth and dental crowns are used on teeth either side of the implant to anchor it. They hold the fake teeth in place and make sure there is no shifting. The procedure usually takes two appointments at the practice. They are made to last a lot of years and will help with the look of the smile as well as its health and function.

There are several reasons our dentist might talk about having a dental permanent bridge put in. They include;

  • Making the look of your smile look good

  • To replace a partial removable denture that is no longer wanted

  • To stop the rest of the real teeth from sliding out of place

  • Make the shape of your face and its volume look better

  • Return the ability to chew, eat or speak properly

  • Giving relief to heavy bite stress

We are happy to aid you in deciding whether a bridge is the procedure you need to return your smile to what it was after losing teeth. Please pick up the phone or come visit us if you need more information.