Using dental fillings Dr. Moon can make dental repairs when issues include things like fractures, decay, and cracking. Such a procedure takes just one visit usually. The portion of the tooth that needs removing is done so, then the area is cleaned well and then filled. Our dentist uses both cosmetic and composite and color can suit the teeth there so they remain looking natural. When the issue is in a part of your mouth that is more visible there are also other visually appealing options we can talk with you here at the office. Please book an appointment for your dental needs here at Palatine, Illinois.

When there is damage to a tooth that is just minor up to moderate, a restoration like a dental filling is most likely. For example, we might suggest a filling if a tooth has a cavity, has some damage from decay, has a small amount of chipping or a small fracture. The structure is restored with the filling and it can function again and looks good. The two main filling types are composite and amalgam.

Happily, with just one easy appointment at the office, the procedure can be completed. Dr. Moon will remove any of the damaged parts, clean it out so no decay gets left behind, then fill it making sure the material used is shaped to match your tooth. Then the hardening of the filling happens so that the restoration lasts some time for you.

If you think you may have damage or decay and that means you require a dental filling please dial our number to speak with us. We are keen to discuss your needs and schedule in an appointment for you here at our clinic. We take pride in the smiles we can help restore!