When there is a missing tooth, or more than one, one possible recommendation the very experienced dentist here in Cook County, Palatine, Illinois might make is an implant. This consists of a dental crown or some other dental restoration along with a titanium metal implant. The metal post is put in the patient's jawbone via a surgical procedure. This replaces the roots of the tooth and then the other restoration replaces the tooth. This implant fuses with your jawbone, it is permanent. Once complete the function and look is of a natural tooth.

This is not a one visit procedure. Where there is a missing tooth, in the socket in the bone, the titanium implant is placed. Then you have to spend some time healing, this is usually between 6 and 12 weeks. As you heal the jawbone grows around the metal post so it becomes very secure. Next, a small post that acts as a connector called an abutment is fixed to it. This is what will hold the tooth. Our dentist at Precision Dental Partners will then make a bite model from impressions taken for the restoration. When that is done it is then attached to that abutment.

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