Dental sealant is plastic that is shaded or clear and is used on the back molar teeth. It is put on the surface where they are used to chew with. This is a good preventive measure to offer teeth more protection. If you now are looking for such a procedure and are in Palatine, Illinois please give us a call. Dr. Moon at Precision Dental Partners is happy to help with dental sealant as part of your dental maintenance. Call today for further information.

As explained our dentist might put in sealant as part of the preventative measure. The sealant is made from a resin tooth colored or clear material. It is brushed onto your back teeth on the surface you chew with. It prevents food particles and bacteria from getting to the tooth and this prevents damage from decay and cavities. It will also be easier to keep the teeth clean when you brush your teeth as the surface becomes smooth rather than having lots of grooves and pits like natural teeth have.

Quite often children have dental sealant performed on their permanent molars when they have come out. This happens on average between 6 to 12 years old. Our dentist might also use it on adults if they have problems with decay and have not had teeth restored in other ways to give more protection. This is an easy procedure and takes just one quick appointment with our practice. To find out more on dental sealants as well as other options to boost your smile's health and appearance please visit us or call the office.