Here at Palatine, Illinois with Precision Dental Partners, Dr. Moon happily presents a comprehensive list of services involving dentures. When a patient has a missing tooth or teeth, one choice is to have dentures, which are an appliance that is removable. It is a good way to keep the remaining teeth from shifting too.

You can get partial dentures or complete ones. Completes are when a patient has all their teeth missing, and partials fill in over an arch for some teeth. As mentioned as well as it looking better, the partial denture does have a vital role in holding the other teeth in place.

Benefits for dentures include;

  • Improve a smile so no gaps show

  • Replace lost partials or whole sets

  • Make it easier to speak and eat

  • Restore the shape of your face

  • Prevents shifting

  • Can be removed when the patient wants to

As well as setting patients up with dentures, we also offer repair services. Should something happen and they get damaged bring them in with you or call us to discuss what we can do for you. Our dentist eagerly awaits to see you!