A good idea as a part of your prevention and care routine is to have x-rays of the teeth done. Here we use the most modern technology called digital radiography. It works by capturing and then storing the images with an electronic sensor. Doing digital is more comfortable and quicker than the older method of films. It also lessens how much exposure to radiation the patient undergoes. This is because, with digital pictures, the viewing by a dental hygienist can happen straight away. Therefore problems or abnormalities can be spotted quicker and permanent damage or more serious issues can be prevented. It also means you get to avoid being in pain or discomfort when these things are dealt with earlier.

To ease any concerns though digital x-rays are a lot safer, the appropriate precautions are still taken to keep you safe. We take that very seriously and will make sure there is no radiation exposure that is not necessary.

When should you have x-rays done?

This will depend on your dental background and your medical history. Things to consider are also what your symptoms are, Dr. Moon will have to do a dental examination, how old you are, any disease risk and when you last had one. Usually, patients have an upper and lower x-ray completed one or two times a year but if new problems arise, new ones may be required. If you find yourself in discomfort or pain or have some issues please give us a call in Palatine, Illinois where we are happy to get you an appointment.