We can help with anything to do with your oral care including general health of the mouth, gums as well as teeth. Dr. Moon is happy to have you make an appointment to see him if you are having any pain. We can schedule you in at Precision Dental Partners if you are having issues with diseased gums in Palatine, Illinois.

Periodontal disease and gum disease are the same things. The plaque that can form on teeth that are not cleaned regularly contains bacteria and that cause the degenerative condition. Gum tissue is inflamed and infected and when not treated can lead to the gums pulling away. Periodontal disease when not treated can lead to some permanent damage such as recession of gum tissue and tooth and bone loss.

Signs of gum disease include gums that easily bleed, are swollen and can be tender and red. Other common signs are pain when chewing, bad breath all the time, loose teeth and teeth looking longer because the gums are receding. Our team and dentist will see you for an exam and look for such things to assess you.

Treatment of gum disease depends on your specific needs and how severe the condition is. You may need more visits for professional cleanings, a suggested oral hygiene schedule for home, scaling, deep cleaning, antibiotics or surgery. We will work with you to help try and restore health and stop the disease progressing. If you need to learn more about periodontal treatments please phone or visit the office. We care about your smile.