Dr. Moon has experience in helping patients to get the results they want from their smiles, and one cosmetic procedure is porcelain veneers. This is a shell fixed to the front of your teeth, usually consisting of resin or porcelain that is very thin. If you want to boost the appearance of your smile with a dental porcelain veneer call us in Palatine, Illinois at Precision Dental Partners. We are happy to schedule you in for an appointment.

There are a number of reasons why our dentist might suggest dental veneers as a way to improve your smile. They are a good way to cover imperfections and still look natural due to the translucence color of porcelain matching the look of the enamel of the teeth. One of the other great aspects of porcelain is that it is resistant to stains so the bright clean look will remain for years. Resin types can also match the color of your teeth so you can have a lovely natural smile you are proud to share.

There are several procedures that can improve how a smile appears, but dental veneers are one of the popular ones as they can be custom made and done for the whole mouth or for one tooth. Veneers can be an option if;

  • Teeth look worn, are chipped, fractured or broken

  • There are spaces that need to be closed

  • Can help with teeth that are just a little crooked

  • Whiten teeth when they are very discolored and stained

  • Make a slightly oddly shaped tooth look better

Please visit the office or dial our number and we can discuss what we can do to improve your smile, whether that is dental veneers or something else!