root canal

Root canal work may be done by our expert dentists when infection and decay reaches down to the root of the tooth into its inner nerve. This can lead to a person being very sensitive to things like temperatures (hot and cold foods or drinks) and pressure or touch. It can be a very painful problem and since there are no initial stage symptoms hard to detect early and prevent. When it is in the more advanced stage an abscess can form.

When there are problems as described you have two choices. Have the tooth pulled or save it by undergoing a root canal. When an infected or decayed tooth has to be pulled out there can be major issues as a result with teeth next to the one pulled. Root therapy is much preferred to help save the mouth and teeth and to prevent things like shifting.

Restoration from the therapy will in most cases last a whole life. Dr. Moon is very skilled and has a lot of experience. Here in Palatine, Illinois we will do everything to make you comfortable during your treatment. To arrange a meeting call Precision Dental Partners and take one step closer to having a pain free and healthy smile.