wisdom teeth

Identifying wisdom teeth
These are third molars that come in late, starting around the time of young adults, late teenage years to early twenties. A lot of the time there is not the space in your mouth to properly grow and that can cause problems such as misalignment. Wisdom teeth can grow in horizontally, angle away or towards your second molar, or angle in or out. This can cause damage to teeth, overcrowding, and damage to nerves and the jaw bone. They can also get impacted, where they are caught between the gums and jawbone. Often the issues they cause mean they have to get extracted.

How to tell if they need to be extracted
Dr. Moon will have an x-ray taken to better see their alignment and how they are positioned. It is possible the next action will be to extract before larger and more painful issues come later. It is also easier to do an extraction before other problems occur because there are fewer complications. When younger the extraction is more simple as the roots have not fully evolved and bone density of them is less. In patients that are older recovery time will be longer.

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